Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being 8 is GREAT!!

We had fun celebrating Eli's 8th birthday! We had a little party with friends Nick and Logan. Grandma and Grandpa came over too! We had tacos for dinner and spice cake with vanilla frosting. Eli opened his presents, and then we watched the movie Igor. It was a fun night! Thanks to Grandpa for taking pictures! Eli got some new cars to play with and a pocket knife! It is a "right of passage" at our house, when the boys turn 8 they get a pocket knife. It has to do with Boy Scouts, and becoming a Wolf. It is something they have all looked forward to. Following in the footsteps of some of his older brothers, Eli badly cut his finger the first time he tried to use his pocket knife! Ouch! He had been told to wait for Daddy to help him learn how to use it properly, but Chase and Eli couldn't resist making sure it was sharp......and locked themselves in the bathroom with a stick to whittle on. They didn't get very far before Eli came out of the bathroom holding his finger.....yep, it's official....Eli is 8!


  1. Happy Birthday Eli! We all are looking forward to your coming tomorrow!! Yay for road trips! Yay for your baptism!! We all love you guys!!!

  2. Hey Linda, Welcome to the blogging world. Congratulations on entering the time sucking new world of internet communication. I have a blog as well, and have enjoyed it alot. You should check it out. It is See what you think. I will check this often so I can keep up to-date on your family. Love ya and miss you Dawn

  3. ok this is not my blog spot the sophias salon, I am at my hair dresser getting my hair done, and I am using their internet to kill time, I will check you out when I get home, and then you will have my own info. Love ya, Dawn