Monday, February 2, 2009

A Trip To Utah

We got home about 10pm last night from a fast and fun trip to Utah! We had hoped to leave Friday around 3pm, but didn't get out the door until 8pm...isn't that just the way trips go?! The best laid plan always seem to encounter some obstacle! We finally made it to Andy and Bonnie's a little after 2am....exhausted but happy to be there! Saturday was a busy day, but quite eventful.

First, we had a fun luncheon at Andy's house, and then off to the church for Eli's baptism. The baptism was wonderful! I love the way they do stake baptisms in Utah! They fill the faunt in the morning, and then schedule 30 minutes for each child being baptized. That way they can have their very own, special baptism. Trent said the opening prayer, Bryce played the piano, Kade led the music, Mark did a talk on baptism, I did a talk on the Holy Ghost, Aunt Bonnie played the cello for a special musical number, and Chase gave the closing prayer! It was a family event! It was so special for Eli to have everyone there! Thanks to everyone who took the time out of a busy Saturday to attend! It meant so much to us!

The second big event of Saturday was Andy's son Bennett's 9th birthday! Andy and Bonnie took us all bowling at BYU! It was so much fun! We haven't been bowling in years! Mark threw 2 gutter balls right at first, and then started doing well with several strikes! Who knew Uncle Andy was such a good bowler! I think he won us all with the highest score! The little ones were just adorable on the bumper lane....doing their best to use "the force" to direct the ball in the way it should go! The big kids did their best, but I think they were wishing they had bumpers as well! It was just a great night of fun! After the bowling we went back to Andy's for pizza, presents and cake and ice cream! It was fun to be there to help Bennett celebrate!

Sunday was another big day, Andy's new baby Madison Paige Brinton was blessed. She looked beautiful in the same blessing dress that Jenica, and all of the other Brinton girls were blessed matter what Aunt Jenalyn says! (Jenalyn thought the dress was ugly, Alli agreed!) Okay, so it was a little old and yellow....but way to go Bonnie! She felt that tradition was more important, and blessed little Madison in it anyway! : ) This was probably the last time the dress will be used, I think we are all done having babies....right Bonnie?!

It was fun to attend sacrament meeting with Andy and his family, and be there for Madison's blessing. During testimony meeting, Trent, Eli and I bore our testimonies. I was so proud of Eli! He wanted to share his testimony, and he did a great job! His first big step towards becoming a missionary some day, learning to share his testimony! : )

We weren't able to stay for all 3 hours of church, after Sacrament meeting we went back to Andy's, loaded up the van and headed for home. The trip home wasn't bad, we watched some cool church movies, and had sandwiches we had packed for dinner. Everything was great until the last potty stop when Chase felt like he was going to throw up. Lucky for us he didn't, and we made it home. He seems fine this morning, so it must have just been motion sickness.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend! A special thanks to Andy and Bonnie for putting us up, and to Jenalyn for all of the help with food! Thank you for making Eli's baptism such a wonderful experience! We love you all!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for your Family. I glad you were all able to be together to share those special events. I am jealous I could not see you. Maybe next time. We should come and visit you guys sometime. Miss you, have a great day! Dawn