Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time Just Keeps Flying By

It has been a while since I updated my here is the latest.

Mark is still working at South Middle School as a Security Aid. He loves his job, loves being home when the boys are home. It is just about lawn mowing season, so this weekend we will start putting out our "door fliers" for advertising. Mark is hoping to more than double his business.

I am working a little here and there on remodels and houses, but not nearly enough to pay the bills, so I am actively seeking employment. Hopefully I will find a job in Idaho, but we are willing to go wherever the work is. I was just released as a Sunday School teacher, but still have my ward missionary calling....enough to keep me busy for now.

Jenica is on the downward slope of her mission. She will be home the first week in August!! We will keep you posted on when the homecoming will be. I am going to shoot for August 9th. (The second Sunday in August) Jenica wants to go back to school when she gets home to finish her degree, so I am trying to help her get things lined up. She plans to one day be a special education teacher. She has had a wonderful mission, and has really come to love the people of New York.

Grant too is approaching the end of his mission. He has a little more time than Jenica, and will be home in November. He should get home just before Thanksgiving, so I am going to talk with the Bishop about doing his homecoming the weekend of help with those who have to travel to be here. Grant has had a great mission too....and thinks he may go back to Virginia after his mission. He loves the people there and has created lasting friendships. Of course I want what is best for him....but hope that includes staying at home here in Idaho for a little while....I miss my Sonny!!

Bryce is a Junior at Skyview, and doing great! He called home 2 days ago and told me he couldn't hear, so I got him into the ENT yesterday. He had a lot of wax in his ear which was blocking one of his ear tubes and causing the hearing loss. As the doctor was removing the wax, he accidentally pulled out the ear we go back in 2 weeks to see how things are healing up and to see if Bryce is going to have to have another tube put back in.

Trent is a Freshman at Skyview and is having a great year! He has an awesome team of teachers that make the difference in his success. He is the teachers quorum president and loves his calling.

Chase is in the 4th grade and doing absolutely fantastic in school! He is the brain of the family, loves to read, and excels at everything! We have had some warmer weather and it has been wonderful for the boys to play outside....they are already planning the fort they are going to build this summer, and laying out the garden. My boys love to garden and build things....don't all boys?!

Eli is in the 2nd grade and is having a great year! He is reading better all the time, and is a whiz at math. He makes friends easily, and has enjoyed playing basketball in the Nampa Youth Basketball program. This Saturday is their last game....he will be sad to see it come to an end. Eli is just my smiley bean....happy all the time.....what a joy he is!

We just planted 4 new cherry trees last night. The church just bought 250 new acres of land, and they are clearing off some trees to make way for new ones. They are giving the trees away, if you come and dig them up. Mark and the boys went out there hoping to get some peach trees too...but they were all gone. We will keep looking for peach trees. Spring is in the air, and we are all hungry for the warmer weather!

I will try to do better about posting things more often. Between this and facebook, it is hard to keep up! Love to all!!

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  1. It was so fun going through your blog and getting to know your family again.

    :-) Jill